10 Cherry Tomato Recipes

Despite the unusual weather this spring/summer, our cherry tomatoes have been thriving. If everything on the plants ends up ripening, we may have over 100 cherry tomatoes on our hands by the end of the season.

Since cherry tomatoes aren’t typically good for making pasta sauce or chili (which is typically what we do with our garden tomatoes), I figured it was time to start searching for recipes using cherry tomatoes – excluding, of course, the incredibly obvious tossed salad.

Here are 10 unique and budget-friendly recipes I was able to find:

1. Ladybug Appetizers

2. Homemade Salsa

3. Roasted Tomatoes & Basil

4. Marinated Tomato Salad

5. Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (6 different fillings!)

6. Pasta with Roasted Garlic & Cherry Tomatoes

7. Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce

8. Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

9. Margherita Pizza

10. Tomato & Sausage Bake

What are your favorite cherry tomato recipes?

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