What to Buy the Day After Christmas

Christmas is officially over, and you know what that means… it’s time for end-of-year clearance! And if you believe all the hype, this year’s after-Christmas sales are supposed to be particularly worthwhile due to the sluggish economy.

That said, not everything is a good deal. Generally, you want to stick to items that will last until next year’s holiday season (if not longer). Here are a few types of items that are worth buying this time of year:

Christmas Decorations & Gift Wrap

Christmas decorations are almost always worth buying the day after Christmas because they serve no other function outside of the holiday season (meaning stores want to get rid of them ASAP), yet they also last for an indefinite amount of time. My husband and I bought our 7 ft. artificial tree a few years ago at Home Depot during their after-Christmas sale for only $45. Worth every penny!

Clothing & Apparel

Another type of merchandise that tends to be marked down quite a bit after the holidays is clothing, mostly because stores want to start making room for spring attire. (Yes, already.) While most department stores offer 20-25% discounts on apparel this time of year, Old Navy and Amazon are the clear winners in this category. Old Navy is currently offering up to 75% off in-store items and up to 60% off online items. Meanwhile, Amazon is offering up to 70% off select clothing, shoes, and jewelry along with the usual free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Both sales go until the end of the year.

Gift Cards

Ever wonder what happens to all the gift cards people receive during the holidays? Some of them are used, some of them are lost or thrown away, and others are sold en masse to websites like Cardpool or Gift Card Granny. So it’s no surprise that this is the absolute best time of year to shop for discounted gift cards online – whether they’re for a friend, a family member, or yourself.

Pretty Much Anything From Target

In light of their recent security breach, Target has been desperately trying to win back customers. First, they offered store-wide 10% discounts in the days leading up to Christmas. Now, word on the street is that they’ll be offering up to 50% off select toys and games, 50% off Christmas items, and 40% off select apparel – all of which are worth checking out. Just be sure to pay for everything in cash this time. :P

What are some of your favorite after-Christmas deals?

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  1. We always hit up the pet stores to get raw hides that were packaged for Christmas and Christmas toys. They are both usually highly discounted because of the Christmas packaging.

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